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Specialist areas of strategic consulting

· Brand building / branding
· Business development
· Communication management
· Corporate campaining
· Corporate social responsibility
· Customer relationship management
· Design management
· Design (corporate identity / corporate design)
· Executive coaching
· Human resources / recruiting
· Idea and innovation management
· Reputation management
· Research & development
· Stakeholder relationship management

· Capital / venture capital
· Customer relationship management
· Design (product)
· IT consulting
· Process optimization
· Research & development
· Special situations / crisis

Performance phases (example)
Phase 1
As the basis for our work, we always analyse your respective markets, your company and other influencing factors, define conceivable optional scenarios based on clear insights, and from that we develop new paths, new fields or new business models for future developments.
Together, we shall equip the most promising variant with a strategy, and define the objective with clear expectations in terms of results.

Phase 2
This is followed by a detailed concept with a plan of measures based on all the given outline conditions, adapted to be relevant to your individual strengths and weaknesses, risks and opportunities.
Here we support you and accompany you as a partner in the central top management tasks, such as e.g. strategy, innovation and business development, E-commerce and communication.

Phase 3
Milestone for milestone, the theoretical opportunities are transformed into actual possibilities. On your behalf, we take responsibility for the overall implementation phase as a general coordinator - with all the key skills of our in-house expertise, as well as with the best possible specialists in the market.
"Everything that can be invented has been invented."
Charles Duell, Head of the American Patent Office, 1899