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Naturally we too have more or less meaningful methods that we call our own, for securing more or less meaningful foundations on which to base our knowledge and subsequent recommendations.

Just as obvious for us is the development of clearly comprehensible parameters for adjusting individual tools and measures. We also know numerous additional intelligent tools for increasing results both quantitatively and qualitatively ... but at this point we must ask you to understand if we do not list them here.

The internet is after all somewhat too public for such valuable things as multi-channel management (MULTI CHANNEL2®) that is roughly twice as good as that which is generally known to date. Or just imagine how many people would be interested in what is no doubt our most popular method, VERGINEERING® ...

But above all, however well-defined the business success is, these days and in the future it can no longer be planned in detail using classical methods * (see: Improvisation). Proceeding methodically helps - but on its own, this will no longer achieve the strength to cope with the enormous tasks that a global market economy demands. The external influencing factors are too multi-layered and diverse, and future developments in an increasingly cross-border market are too unpredictable. And even if one judges the situation absolutely correctly, at more and more points it is necessary to deal with decisions that cannot be influenced by an individual company.

At the top management level, the understanding of strategic work is changing accordingly. Well-established enterprises have long been securing their competitive advantage through a large number of activities, which overall (can) lead to an improvement of the corporate value. They have recognised that lasting success in global business can be achieved only through permanent evolution of activity and through innovation. And that is just how we define what we offer in terms of strategic services.

Between success and failure there lie countless individual parts, the task being continually to construct a new whole from them. The leading position within a market grows out of a healthy core, which first of all needs to be discovered and then needs to be strengthened and finally multiplied, using the appropriate strategy. We see our task as lying in providing our client with a balanced mix of initiatives and activities which can help, both in the acute situation and long term, to achieve the corporate goals.

That is our core strength, our key competence, and thus quite clearly our initiative offer. Working with you, we find the answers to your central questions, the ones that decide everything: What does our company or brand DNA look like? How can we develop new opportunities from our core business? What levers hold potential, strengthen our own position, increase the brand value, create secure growth? ...

We also know what to do with the answers once we have found them. For a strategy is only a strategy if it can also be implemented. It is only in the step from theory into practice that the true quality of the methods and advice becomes clear. It is at this point, where the majority of consultants bale out, that we offer project management through to completely successful implementation. As a management partner, BCK likes to accompany the processes from any change in the corporate culture and corporate structure that may be necessary, through brand and product relaunches, to the achievement of the notified perception both within and outside the company.
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