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Our background includes development steps such as the invention of the world´s first research & development in advertising, or the establishment of the first pure strategy agency in Germany. In the past, we have developed sales strategies for soft drinks for the Brazilian market, have helped to position the German television channel ARD as THE FIRST (Channel), or have helped Germany to go T-Online. We have come up with business areas in industry which today achieve turnover in the millions, and we have undertaken repositioning strategies for groups preparing for a launch on the stock market ... We are aware of the needs of enterprises in a world where they increasingly feel the effects of the global economy. We can help with numerous entrepreneurial development tasks for which no resources are set aside in most organisations.

However, for classically organised corporate and group structures, external innovation and business development is still difficult to outsource, to budget for or even to integrate into the processes. And to reap the benefits of such a range of services, one needs a great deal of trust in advance on the part of the company management ...

We can accommodate you here, in that we describe ourselves as a turnover-oriented consultancy firm. In theory with similar results to those of a conventional marketing-oriented consulting firm - but with the difference that we deliver concrete solutions and recommendations for action, and know how to implement them practically and effectively. BCK has the skills to be able to take responsibility for the complete necessary range of action, including in terms of implementation. In doing so, we are so committed to the objective and the result that we are happy to be able to talk about results-based fees before the start of the project.

Perhaps the diagram will help to locate BCK in your mind where it can be helpful for you, for we see ourselves as loyal management partners with a free spirit and analytical instinct. Committed to the management and equipped with the knowledge and skills to be your generalist confidants on all levels of product, brand and corporate development. (If we should ever be unable to keep to this, we shall tell you straight away.)
A market is best defended in the same way in which it was conquered - through continual innovation. The hidden champions of the 21st century have been world market leaders for an average of 21 years, because they repeatedly introduced innovations.