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Bright, Cute & Keen Consulting GmbH was established in order to achieve lasting or additional success for products, brands and companies. BCK identifies and creates new business areas, sales opportunities and diversification models, defines novel strategies and positioning, develops products, brands as well as models for increasing brand value - in short, it provides innovations that make a clear difference to the business results. We also - and for us this is natural - put all theories into practice when that is what is wanted.

Certainly, this may not appear very tangible at first glance. But sometimes it has to be like that when we are dealing with problems and potentials that are yet to be identified, and solutions that are yet to be created. So what is needed in order to gain a balance sheet profit from what is on offer is growth orientation on the part of the company. Or the discovery of theoretical potentials. Or the identification of a problem. Or the wise desire not to let it get that far in the first place.
"If in doubt, choose the right thing."
(Note on the wall at Talanx AG)